Why Choose RENG


The programme we offer are relevant today and in the future, and we take great care to ensure our teaching and expertise exceed industry standards. We do all this with promise of affordability so that everyone has the chance to achieve their goals and dreams.



RENG College equips you with essential skills to give you a competitive advantage when you enter employment. In our expertise the best way to succeed in this fast-moving economy is to be fully prepared for what’s ahead. Practice-oriented education gives our students the right industry knowledge and experience to develop innovative and practical skill sets. We engage teachers with a long track record of proven industry experience, or specialists who are still active and fully participating within their field to deliver our programmes.



We form partnerships with well-known industry players. Experts with several decades of industry experience and understand what is needed to succeed now and in the future. Understanding and participating in the industry you aspire to will give you the knowledge and skills you need to excel. We offer work experience and internships in design consultancy, project management, development and construction, technology, manufacturing and other multinational corporations.



Our Foundation, A Level and Diploma courses give you the option to apply to one of our global partnerships to study aboard. Not only is this a great chance for you to experience a different culture, studying abroad will give you a sense of freedom, confidence and independence. Our partnerships have been formed with higher learning institutions that have our values of student-centric learning and practice-based education. In particular we collaborate with universities that offer something special for our students. For example, a broad range of subjects to choose from, or specialised programmes that are hard to find elsewhere. As we strengthen our reputation as a global educator in higher education we will be offering more programmes through strategic partnerships from the UK as well as from the USA.



In everything we do, we take a stand for our students. From the way we teach, to the way we plan future courses, and our decision-making process for the location of our next campus. It’s all designed and thought-through with you the student, in mind. We want you to feel at home here because we believe that people grow when they feel fully supported to do so. We want what’s best for you and we want you to be able to ask for help when you need it.



At the core of RENG College of Technology and Design is the desire to serve the community, especially the next generation, to better themselves and make their dreams a reality. Whether you aspire to be a creative professional in the technology and design industries, successful at running your own business or simply wish to pursue your interests, we are here to support you.