Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I apply?
First you need to register to Apply using our online application service. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to complete your application – there’s quite a lot to fill in but you don’t have to do it all at once. Alternatively, you may speak to any of our student counselors or contact the College through our number at +6012-382 8668.

What are the eligible entry requirements for your courses?
Entry requirements vary between secondary schools and colleges – a full list of our courses and their minimum entry criteria can be found in our search tool. If you are unsure you meet this criteria, it is best to contact the college admissions team for further guidance.

How is RENG College different compared with other educational institutions?
RENG College is an industrial-based educational institution offering quality education at an affordable rate. In general, there are not many Architectural & Design colleges in Malaysia that have a well-grounded industrial background, with lecturers themselves trained from the same profession, as we believe that students will learn both theoretical and practical skills in their profession when they study at our institution.

How to get to RENG College from our current geographical location?
RENG College is strategically located near the Phileo Damansara 2 MRT station, with a mere 15 minutes walk from the station’s entrance eastward towards the business centre congregation of Phileo Damansara. The College is also very interconnected within the public transport network, so students may find it very easy to travel to our educational institution without much hassle. Alternatively, for those travelling by car, RENG College is geologically close towards two noticeable landmarks: Eastin Hotel and the Menara Star in Phileo Damansara 2.

Are scholarships / financial assistance offered at RENG College?
Yes, we do give out scholarships, depending on the applicant’s academic background and circumstances. You can find out more on our scholarships main page here, and for our financial assistance schema here. Alternatively you may contact our main branch for more further information.Which intakes are these discounts offered? When are these discounts applicable? RENG College offers varying discounts for students who wish to study at our institution for a limited time (e.g. open day specials, roadshow on the spot sign ups, etc.) and are given when these conditions are met. Alternatively, some of these discounts are applicable upon enrolment, depending on the student’s academic results and whether they fulfill any of the entry requirement of the programme.