Internship are a way for students to gain experience in work placements. Usually in a short period of time say a few months to a year at the most, these work placement can help students learn to understand his or her role in a company, boost their self confidence and learn to network for future opportunities. Internship also allow students to explore career opportunities, especially in finding out if they are interested in working locally or globally. Such placement also enables students to improve his or her communication and cooperation skills with their colleagues and learn what it takes to be a professional in the field. Our students will be able to gain placements at divisions in RENG Group of Companies related to their field, associate companies, affiliates and clienteles.

As  an industry-driven institution recognised by relevant professional bodies and with almost two decades of experience in the professional industries, RENG College offers a wide variety of internship placements with affliated industry and professional assocaites. These organisations and professional bodies are in the industrial, commercial, professional and service sectors.