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About English Language

English language is an important international language. it is a systematic means of communication, a standard language used by many people from different countries all around the world. Language, as we know, is important. We need it to express ourselves, especially as a means of effective communication.

At RENG Academy, the importance of English Language as an important communication tool is emphasized is a few commonly used in the work force. Being able to communicate and express standard, yet simple English Language is a requirement. Acknowledging this fact to prepare our student to better cope with their courses we have included an English Language programme, not only for young student, but for working adults too who want to improve or advance in English speed and written skills.

English Language Programme

RENG College offers the English Language Proficiency Course if students are interested to increase their English competency level. Students will be given a placement test to examine their competency level. TOEFL and IELTS examinations can be arranged for students who are planning to further their studies abroad. Here, students will achieve proficiency in English when they understand, speak, read, and write English accurately, confidently and fluently. Since English is an international language, proficiency in the language will be a springboard for students to enjoy learning and excel in their field of passion. When students have the confidence to communicate in the English language with speakers from around the world, they will be on able to exchange innovative ideas with their global colleagues.

At RENG Academy, our lecturers will coach students in communications skills improving their  self-confidence level. Students will get to strengthen in the multiple aspects of the English language skill in Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking through a systematic teaching approach.

For more information please kindly refer to RENG Academy website: www.rengacademy.com

Entry Requirements

Applicants whom wish to enrol in the following course must possess an understanding of the English language at Elementary level based on an internal English Placement Test, otherwise they must take the Fundementals Course.

The entire programme can take nine months (3 semesters), and intakes are monthly.

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