Diploma in Business Administration (2021)

Obtain vast knowledge and expertise in Business when you join RENG College’s School of Design. Our experts in the industry field will teach you both theoretical and immersive practical skills that you will need when undergoing this course. Discover various career pathways as you go through the subjects and industrial training and find out which career suits you best. Upon graduating from the School of Business, you get to choose to work in either one of the 4 major industrial areas including Human Resource Management, Marketing and Sales, Event Coordination and Management or Entrepreneurship. Our Industry standards approved workshop facilities are specially catered to students of Business so you can receive a full experience in the field before you move on to internship and the working world.



If this is your first programme at RENG College, you should apply for scholarship too! Receive up to 30% tuition fee waivers. Find out the percentage of scholarship that you are eligible for with your secondary examination results. To continue receiving this scholarship, you only have to maintain your CGPA at 2.75 (20% Scholarship) and 3.00 (30% Scholarship) with 90% attendance every semester. 


The Diploma in Business Administration is designed for students with keen interest in pursuing business knowledge for a  career in any organisation. The curriculum covers a wide spectrum of skills required in the areas of management, accountancy, finance, operations, marketing and information system. It combines theory and practical learning so that students will be exposed to the real world situation. To cultivate a new generation of professionals, the programme is also putting key learning emphasis on Sustainable Development which is widely used in business decision making. At the end of the programme, students will acquire an applied appreciation of the current issues in business management and the applications of various business functions, and how they can be applied into their actual work setting, as well as equipped understanding of contemporary issues in the business environment, making the shift from a single competent focus to a more complex role within business organizations and management.

Entry Requirements:

  • Pass SPM / O-Levels with 3 credits in any subjects;
  • Other equivalent qualifications.
  • The entire programme can be completed in 2 1/2 years (8 semesters). inclusive of industrial training, compulsory for the growth of trainees to improve their capabilities.



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