At RENG College, we prioritize in such matters too. All college students have one thing in common; a new beginning shared experiences in the educational field. However, sometimes some students with different cultures or backgrounds may face difficulties or challenges, and these cultural differences may affect his or her well-being as a student.

We help to resolve such matters, we also assist and support in other matters too. We have counseling sections that take care of the following fields:

  • Local Student Services (For Interstate Student Affairs)
  • Outstation Student Services (for Non-Selangor/WP states students)
  • Career Counseling / Career Talk
  • Personal Counseling
  • Lecturer & Student Mentoring
  • Course Counseling

Students will be able to visit any of these sections to receive advise and feedback on related matters.

Our Counselors (Partnered with RENG College):

Ms Nurul Shaheda:
Ms Nurul Shaheda is an experienced student counselor who is a Licensed Counselor and have an extensive knowledge not only on student support services in terms of emotional support, depression, academic anxiety, student stress but also on mental health matters which students may be hesitant to reveal to relevant authorities. Ms Nurul has helped resolved many matters concerning student emotional trauma, and was successful in assisting students through their recovery transition.