Certificate Programmes

RENG College offers short vocational courses with a Certificate qualification upon completion. If you wish to try out a subject but don’t want to invest 3+ years at University, this is a great way to get a taste of one of these subjects. Once complete, and if you thoroughly enjoyed it, you will be eligible to apply for the Diploma in Technology and Design. Certificate Programmes are practical and skills based courses for you to really understand the process and knowledge required to excel in these disciplines.

» » Certificate in Multimedia Design

» » Certificate in Web Design

» » Certificate in Digital Animation

» » Certificate in Game Design
English is the international language of business and higher learning. As an international College we invite students to take the time to learn English at a level that will help further your education and language proficiency and communication skills. A firm grasp of English will act as a springboard, learning will become easier, you’ll excel in yur field of study and you’ll be fully prepared for employment.

» » Certificate in English Language Level 1

» » Certificate in English Language Level 2

» » Certificate in English Language Level 3

Local and foreign students as well as working professionals may apply.