Scholarships & Bursaries

RENG College is committed to attracting the very best students regardless of financial circumstances. Scholarships and bursaries come in the form of cash of fee waivers to help you pay for living expenses and/ or tuition fees. You have to apply for these and meet certain eligibility requirements.

Academic Merit Scholarships

RENG College is committed to helping you achieve your career goals by offering scholarships based on academic ability and outstanding achievement. The scholarship programme is open to both local and international applicants through RENG Corporation Education Fund and the following charitable education funds and associations:

–  Sin Chew Education Fund
–  Kadazan-Dusun Culture Association
–  Chinese Association & Guilds

Academic Merit Scholarships are offered each term.


RENG College has a history of providing financial assistance to those with difficult financial circumstances. We make it a priority to continue supporting those who are less fortunate than ourselves, by ensuring there is adequate financial support for those in need. Our bursaries come from several funds and donors and their number and value may vary from year to year.

All scholarship and bursary applications and any other enquiry with regard to funding, living expenses or tuition fees can be made in writing to:

Download Links:

Sabah & Sarawak and Bumiputra Students Scholarship Scheme
B40 Scholarship Scheme


Please print out the Scholarship Application Form, fill out the details, and take a picture of your IC and trial exam result / SPM certificate and send to Andrew (012-6681738) or Calvin (017-6059668) in picture format on WhatsApp.