Partnership between RENG College and Asia-e university established as a collaborative effort to teach students from China on improving their English standards:

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Picture above: Asia-e University staff with Massey University (New Zealand) staff discussing on terms concerning possible collaborative efforts. 
(Source: Google, Asia-e

As of recently Asia-e University and RENG College had formed under a recent partnership to create future learning opportunities for students coming from one of China’s top science and technology institutions, known as Beijing University for Science and Technology- who wishes to further their education concerning their improvement on the English Language. According to a representative of the University, many Chinese students are looking forwards for further opportunities in future education overseas, and in order to pursue their academic interest, they must first and foremost improve their English Language proficiency further, before they are eligible to apply for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) to be allowed to study in the three major English speaking countries: Australia, Britain and the United States.

Asia-e University’s president and chairman, Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed, had expressed his interest to establish a collaborative effort with RENG College on terms that they will host students from overseas to learn English to prepare them for further learning at the University, On this statement, he states that this collaborative effort will not only establish Malaysia as a central hub in education within the ASEAN sphere of influence, but also to help enrich the lives of future students who wish to pursue a better education for their own academic development so that they can find better opportunities in their future careers. As China is becoming a future world power in its own right, the need for further external development in terms of academic and practical skills in the younger generation is steadily increasing, with more Chinese students seeking countries with reputable educational opportunities to meet the demands of educational development.

The collaborative effort was established since RENG College possess an established hub and the adequate staff needed for teaching English Language Proficiency based on the Oxford English Testing and Cambridge English Proficiency learning systems, therefore it could be stated that there will be a 100% guarantee that students whom had completed the Certificate in English Proficiency Program will be able to fully master the English language in four categories: reading, speaking, writing and comprehension skills. With the successful launch of the collaborative effort, RENG College will expect more arrivals from China and other countries to study English Language Proficiency in the future.