• What are the programmes that RENG College of Technology and Design currently offers?

We offer 2 years Diploma in Technology and Design,  Architecture, Interior Design, Accounting and Business Management and Foundation in Technology and Design. The college is looking forward to offer Digital Media and Engineering programmes in the near future.

  • How long has RENG College of Technology and Design been established?

RENG College of Technology and Design was established in 2010 by RENG Education Sdn. Bhd. RENG Group of Companies are actively promoting Technology and Design through it’s businesses in Consultancy, Construction, Property development, Education and Technologies.

  • What is Technology and Design? 

Technology and design touch almost every aspect of our life – from communication, transport, home appliances, and buildings to computers. Every other product or system requires some form of technology and design which serve to enhance our working and living environment. Product innovation now experiences rapid changes and fast growth. With this in mind, it is important for future Technology and Design professionals like engineers, architects, designers and innovative inventers to understand the importance of technological elements in design and the importance of design in technology.

  • Why study Technology and Design? 

The industry need designers and professionals that are good not only in creative input but as well as understanding the technology used in producing new product or creative work. Technology and Design offers graduates with excellent career opportunities locally and internationally. Graduates may find promising employment as a designer and professional producing designs for commercial, medical, industrial and consumer products as well as making models and prototypes of these designs for mass production.

  • Is RENG College of Technology and Design known to the industry? Yes, as a new institution, we are aggressively putting in efforts to link the academic and industry for our graduates. We aim to produce graduates with high quality work at professional standard meeting the vigorous demand of the industry.
  • What facilities do you provide? We provide students with a well supported learning environment in our campus which students can access to Library, WIFi Internet access, Computer lab, Practical Studios, Lecture room, Student Lounge and Tutorial room.
  • How much are your fees? Our fees consist of tuition fees, registration & resource fee, examination and security deposit that vary from different courses. Please contact our Programme Counselors to find out more.
  • How the fees are paid? Registration fee is a one time fee and other fees are normally paid on semester basis.
  • What can I do after having completed my diploma? You can continue your higher degree in Universities which we are affiliated with or start work in a chosen industry. RENG College will assist students in the employment process.
  • What are the entry requirements for your programmes? Generally students are required to have 3 SPM credits. Please refer to our admission procedure or speak directly with our programme counselors to find out more.
  • Who are the lecturers and what are their qualifications? Most of our lecturers are have either first Degree or Master Degree in the respective fields together with industrial / professional experience.
  • Can RENG College of Technology and Design provide accommodation for students? Yes, we assist our students to secure accommodation during their studies with the college
  • Do you have any affiliation with local/foreign universities? We have affiliations with Universities from U.K. and Australia. Students may also apply to other universities worldwide by submitting their academic transcript.
  • Would there be any exemptions given for students from another institution? A student studying similar programmes in another institution that wishes to join RENG College of Technology and Design may be given credit transfers which may shorten their study period but is subjected to the approval of the college’s Academic Head